Talent Incubator


Currently ongoing camps and internship programs

Talent Incubator Program

RIC Gabrovo organizes children’s camps and internship programs for students and graduates, with the cooperation of its member companies.
The Talent Incubator provides a tremendous opportunity to the students; member companies often decide to hire impressive researchers for summer internships or even full-time positions.
  • Children’s camps: Industry-sponsored learning program that develops the children’s interest in the relevant company’s work field, by implementing multiple fun and educational activities.
  • Internship programs: Industry-sponsored training program that hires students to work part-time on company research projects giving them a jump start for their future career.

BENEFITS for the students:

  • Earn money for developing your skills and increasing your value as a potential employee
  • Perform research in an area that you are interested in
  • Build critical research, project, and time-management skills
  • Apply concepts, theory, and tools just learned in courses to a practical project environment
  • Acquire an edge over competition on the future job market
  • Secure foundation for future success
  • BENEFITS for the companies:

  • Compose and employ teams of top students, faculty, and researchers to gain access to fresh and innovative ideas
  • Discover and share best practices
  • Nurture a team that is knowledgeable about your company’s practices
  • Access a stream of skilled, motivated potential employees
  • Spread awareness throughout other members of the program
    • 2016First childern's camp in Gabrovo

      Science and Technology camp for children - "Young Engineer, Researcher and Innovator"
    • 2018Children's camp and trip to Sofia's Tech Museum

      Educational classes and fun activities combined
    • 2019Careers fair in Gabrovo

      Student interns participating at the careers fair demonstrating skills and knowledge
    • 2020Training program for students

      The program included lectures and practical tasks in the mechanical and electrical engineering field

    If you want to be part of our Talent Incubator Program, do not hesitate to contact us!