About ARIES4

Our specific objectives:

  • To promote knowledge creation and exchange among S3 agents (HEIs, VET providers, business sector, public sector and society in general) of several European regions, in order to strengthen the evidence base for the design and implementation of regional smart specialisation strategies, and to provide tools for its monitoring.
  • To foster corporate social responsibility and the transition to more sustainable business models, by developing training material based on best practices, building analysis tools for companies, and identifying and providing the skills required by company managers to drive the transition.
  • To stimulate entrepreneurial attitudes, mind-sets, and skills among the participant actors of regional innovation ecosystems, with a particular emphasis on HE and VET students, and to address this entrepreneurship to the challenges of the sustainable transition.
  • To generate communication structures to foster interaction within regions and among them, quickly communicating the generated knowledge and projecting it towards the rest of European regions.