Circular Economy


Client profile

Gabrovo Municipality is a municipality in Gabrovo Province, North-Central Bulgaria, located on the northern slopes of the central Stara Planina Mountain. Thanks to its municipality and citizens, in 2021 Gabrovo won the European Green Leaf Award.

Client needs

The municipality is taking active measures to reduce the pollution in Gabrovo town and its district. Through investing in various projects such as electric scooters, air quality monitoring stations, recycling bins, solar-powered street lamps, etc., Gabrovo is offering its citizens a cleaner and more sustainable environment. However, there are still some problems to be tackled. One of them is a common worldwide problem – inefficient waste management.

Provided solution to meet the needs

In order to optimize waste collection, Gabrovo Municipality is transitioning towards digitization. A pilot project for three solar powered smart bins is in progress and is expected to be concluded in 2022. Regional Innovation Center “Ambitious Gabrovo” in collaboration with one of its member companies – Senstate Technologies, is developing a complete solution for smart waste management in urban environments. In 2021, RIC presented to Gabrovo Municipality an alpha prototype version of the “Smart Bin” project which is part of Gabrovo’s larger plan for circular economy.